NEC designs world's most powerful supercomputer, the tights-and-cape-wearing SX-9


NEC-supercomputer.jpgIf there was anyone I’d assume would be capable of creating the world’s most powerful supercomputer, I thought it’d be Alienware or someone of similar ilk – certainly not NEC, purveyors of your average family CRT TV back in 1992.

The SX-9 beast is apparently capable of calculating 839 teraflops, or, for geeks who understand this, 839 trillion floating point operations per second. In other words, it may just be able to handle your constant 14-tabbed browsing habits. People planning on visiting the supercomputing convention in Reno, Nevada next month can see the SX-9 on display, which will be made available to scientists and companies for all their power-guzzling scientific needs.

Like doing the risque running of Photoshop at the same time as Premiere Elements whilst simultaneously browsing through your 12,568 unread items in Bloglines.

(via Akihabara News)

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