More women own games consoles than men, survey says


pink-ps2.jpgThat’s right. Ad agency JWT has been conducting a survey called, er, Denizens of Digitivity (try saying that after a couple of naughty-lemonades), and has found that 44% of female respondents said they own a console, compared to 39% of males.

“The idea of gaming being just for the 18 to 34 male set is now out of date,” says JWT’s Ann Mack. What’s interesting is that the message hasn’t quite got across to the games industry, judging by the huge number of grey, boring military-themed games staring out whenever I flick through a games magazine.

That’s not an argument for more Hello Kitty and pony games, mind (and PLEASE no more pink consoles). But it should show a strong future for games that appeal to both sexes equally, like Animal Crossing, SingStar and all those brain training titles. And, as Keri on PSPSPS points out, there’s plenty of women “kicking ass on Killzone” too.

(via PSPSPS)

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