Audi unveils a very smart phone for your car

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Audi’s adverts often boast of the number of patents clocked up by the company – and I imagine a few more have been added to the list with the Audi mobile device, unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.

This Sony Ericsson-made device takes car/phone integration a step further, offering a mobile phone, car navigation system and video player, as well as being a verification system when starting the car and a remote device for air-conditioning and music selection. It also works outside the car, a 3G module inside the vehicle can send location details to your phone if (for example) it is stolen or if you’re within a hotspot, you can access all in-car functions outside.

What you do if the phone gets stolen isn’t clear. Panic springs to mind. But I’m sure that will be ironed out before this concept goes into general production.

Audi (via Tech-On)

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