A Green Goblin Pumpkin Bomb to make Spider-Man PAY this Halloween


spider-man-3-goblin-bomb.jpgIf you’re going out dressed as the Green Goblin to try and get some free sweets by terrorising pensioners to tears, try and get one of these first. Arthur and Josephine will be so frightened they’ll give you the whole bag of fun size Mars bars and all the cash they have in the house just to get you to leave them alone.

It’s a perfect replica of a Goblin bomb, which even goes as far as lighting up green for an extra aura of deadly intent. It doesn’t go as far as exploding, so you’ll be okay buying one off the internet and getting it sent to your work address.

It’s being limited to a manufacturing run of only 1000, which should ensure these toys keep their value – even if they are based on designs from the beyond-abysmal cinematic slap-to-the-face that was Spider-Man 3. They’re available for pre-order now from here for $124.99.

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Gary Cutlack
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