Spidersapien – Robosapien becomes Spiderman


There’s always been a problem with the Robosapien – it doesn’t look all that great. So it’s a wise move to use the Spiderman franchise and dress him up as Spidersapien, adding a few new features along the way.

As well as the Spidey suit, there’s also an array of new mannerisms and movements, along with new Spiderman-like speech, including around 40 phrases. And of course, he can do some nifty web-slinging moves. Add to that 4 different programming modes, the ability to perform sequences of up to 84 different steps and a reflex system that allows Spidersapien to respond to touch, sound and to avoid obstacles in his path. Yes, it’s almost (but not quite) real.

If all that sounds a little complicated, there’s three demo modes to see it in action before you take over yourself. It retails for £69.95.

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Dave Walker
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