Is the Elertz notification system the solution to spam?


The problem with many company emails is that they never reach their customers, thanks to over-zealous spam filtering systems. Elertz claims to be the solution to this problem – bypassing email and sending communication straight to a customer’s desktop.

Elertz is a UK start-up, offering a web toolbar to net users, which offers a means of communication for companies that ignores traditional email. And by setting preferences, you get only the information you require – examples include transactions from your bank account, suitable properties becoming available at an estate agent or tickets going on sale for your favourite band.

When the information you require becomes available, a flashing red star on your desktop alerts you to it, and you can access the updated pages if you wish.

Steve Morris, CEO of Elertz, explains: “The only real way to prevent spam and social engineering techniques, such as phishing, is to use another broadcast communication channel that is not email based. An alerting system such as Elertz provides an anonymous service for the subscriber. The subscriber does not have to divulge personal information such as an email address. The subscriber is also in complete control of the communication channel. Elertz that have been set up can be deleted easily, ending any form of communication between publisher and end user.”

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Dave Walker
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