Worried about your obese hamster, or training him for a marathon? Get him a pedometer


hamster_wheel_pedometer.jpgWhile there are plenty of guidelines for how much humans should walk each day, I’ve not come across any such measurements for the humble hamster, but if you’re worried, or simply curious, about your little furry friend’s movements, try the Hamster Wheel Pedometer.

Yes, it’s exactly what it says on the box. A hamster wheel (because we know that hamsters just love running round and round an unending curved treadmill) hooked up to a pedometer.

It will calculate, from how many times the wheel spins, how far your hamster has travelled — or would have travelled if he wasn’t in that darn cage you’ve put him in. It probably won’t tell you how many steps he’s taken to achieve it (that’d just be silly, right?).

Judging by the packaging, this is something only Japanese hamsters can enjoy for now.

(Via Tokyo Mango)

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Andy Merrett
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