Wii gets X-OOM Media Centre to stream music, films and photos via Wi-Fi


xoom-wii-media-centre.jpgNintendo hasn’t exactly pushed Wii as a multimedia machine, preferring to focus on the gaming aspects first and foremost. But other companies have a different idea. X-OOM Software has just unveiled its X-OOM Media Centre product, which lets you stream music, movies and photos to your Wii from your PC, using Wi-Fi.

Due out in late October, it’s a Wii application that lets you use the Wiimote to navigate through your media, with not a cable or memory card in sight. It’s capable of handling MP3, WMA and OGG music files; WMV, MPEG 4 and DivX movie files; and JPG or BMP photos.

Oh, and X-OOM promises it’ll give access to over 1,000 online TV channels too. X-OOM Media Centre for Wii will cost £29.99 when it goes on sale next month. Sounds like it’ll be well worth checking out.

X-OOM website

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