NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams on Nintendo Wii to feature two-player modes


nightswii1.jpgSome more news regarding the hugely-anticipated NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams game on the Wii, as we know your nostalgic bones have been jonesing for a fix lately.

WiiWii has written about some of the dual-player modes it’ll incorporate, including ‘Duel’, where two players will go head to head, and another two-player mode allowing for online network connectivity. In further zomg-I-remember-that-from-years-ago news, SEGA plans on bringing back the artificial life feature (A-Life) from the SEGA Saturn version of the game, where players become responsible for nurturing various creatures they come across in the Nightopia world. No, somehow I don’t think there’ll be a Steve Jobs character, quit wishing you could smother him with cuddles…

NiGHTS (via WiiWii)

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