Nintendo President Iwata admits he doesn't consider the Wii a success


Last week I mentioned that excerpts from a lunch conversation between the Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and a Ninty designer, Shigesato Itoi, were being published on Iwata’s personal site, if you can cast your mind back that long ago. It’s made for very interesting reading so far, but nothing has been quite as exciting as hearing today that Iwata doesn’t actually consider the Wii a success. Darn over-achiever.

Acknowledging that the nine million consoles sold was “a good start”, he went on to say “it’s only the beginning…We want to have the customers continue playing. We want to continue coming up with new proposals to them, and have them keep playing. Only then can we say that we’ve accomplished our goals.”

Very surprising for any Nintendo fan to hear, and rather refreshing too, as you’d imagine Iwata would be satisfied with their phenomenal success already, and wouldn’t be concerned so much with future sales.

Moving on, he spoke about Wii Sports and the possibility of a sequel, “We’re not going to take such an easy way, not by including seven new sports in the game since Wii Sports has five. We’re not closing our doors to the possibility of a sequel, but it’s definitely not coming out soon.”

A worthwhile read, and one which will refresh you, for how down to earth Iwata appears, and to discover Nintendo’s desire to never become complacent and just bang out sequels like their peers in Hollywood do these days.

Iwata’s conversation excerpts (via WiiWii)

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