V_Bot: the dancing Transformer that plugs into your MP3 player

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Front%20View%20Robot%20V-BOT%20release.jpgActually, just to be clear for the watching trademark lawyers, V_Bot isn’t a Transformer in the official sense. But RC2’s new toy is heavily inspired by Hasbro’s bot brand, being an “evolving action vehicle” (i.e. a car that turns into a robot).

He’s pretty cool though, acting as a full remote-controlled car, with buttons on the remote that trigger his transformation into a robot. Once changed, he can act as a docking station for your MP3 player, busting his 720 separate dance moves. Even that bloke from Jamiroquai hasn’t got that many moves, surely?

You wouldn’t catch Optimus Prime getting down with his bad self on the dancefloor, so V_Bot looks set to be a hit. Expect to pay £129.99 to bag one for yourself.

RC2 website

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