Triketek X2 Arrow "cruising trike"


triketec-x2-arrow.jpgMid-life crisis time? Already bought a 57″ TV, dumped the wife for your son’s girlfriend and are now considering relocating to a flat in Hoxton to be near the clubs? Then lunatic vehicle maker TRIKEtec has just the thing to ferry you at great speed between hair replacement surgery and the gym.

The X2 Arrow is about £16,000 and goes up to nearly 100 miles an hour – which that exposed and that close to the ground will seem like Warp Factor 9. But despite looking like a death trap, the X2 is big on safety features thanks to fancy stuff like roll cages, ABS, driver and passenger air bags and stability control, which all help to keep its 61hp engine on the road and the right way up.

You can even drive it using a standard car license, should you not care about being able to listen to the radio and talk to your passenger.

Via (Gizmag)

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