Translate your cat with Meowlingual


meow2.jpgIf cats could talk, they’d probably be quite repetitive. “Stroke me!”. “Feed me!”. “Don’t disturb me, I’m licking my arse.” That kind of thing.

But maybe I’m being unfair, and cats have full and frank views on the global financial crisis, Steve McClaren’s managerial skills, and the merits of pirates versus ninjas. Meowlingual should be able to prove it.

Made by Takara Tomy, it’s the follow-up to Bowlingual, which aimed to translate dog barks into Japanese. Meowlingual does the same thing, but for cats. It’s due on sale in November in Japan, and will almost certainly never ever go on sale here in the West. For shame.

Takara Tomy website (via Weird Asia News)

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