CatCam: another reason for your moggy to eye you with barely-concealed disgust


catcam.jpgWhat does YOUR cat do at night? Mine hunts mice, catches them, and then either a.) eats them too fast before boking them on the living room rug, or b.) releases them to run up the curtains. There’s not much mystery to it.

However, if you have no idea what your mog’s up to, ever considered attaching a camera to it? I know you haven’t, but never mind: someone’s come up with the CatCam anyway. It’s a camera, with a controller for timed shots and a protective casing.

The idea, I guess, is that it takes shots during your cat’s wanderings, giving visual proof that yes, it really is spending half its day with that nice old lady down the road who swore blind she wasn’t feeding it. 45 Euros well spent, although this sort of thing would be more interesting if it came with GPS too.

CatCam website (via Red Ferret)

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