Mod of the year week: portable NES


We only changed it from the mod of the year to the mod of the week, as history dictates that Ninty fanboys will one day manage to create a personal Shigeru Miyamoto clone, shrunk down to pocket-size, who can guide you through impossible levels like the last castle in New Super Mario Bros., all the while yelling out words of encouragement such as “Itsa me, Mario!”

Whoever modded this NES into a handheld module no doubt has a GBA and even a DS. Heck, I bet he has all of Nintendo’s handhelds, as this mod is the sign of a true fanboy. Does this make anyone pine for the good ol’ days of the NES? I might have to hit eBay in search of a relic from the past, *sobs*

(via WiiWii)
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Katherine Hannaford
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