HumanCar: the concept car powered by… your arms?



Hey, y’know those railway cart things you see in old movies, where two people power them along the track by hauling on levers? Well, imagine how great it’d be if someone used that concept for a car? You know you’d drop your VW Polo like a stone for one of those. Maybe.

Well, take a look at HumanCar, which uses what’s apparently called the FM-4 human-powered propulsion system, although there are electric motors on board too, if your arms get tired. The company behind it is aiming to start manufacturing them in January, with a planned sales outlet in San Francisco.

Hang on a minute. San Francisco? I’d sure as hell be switching to motors for those urban hills. You’d need biceps of steel to propel the HumanCar up them! Perhaps California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will buy one.

HumanCar website (via Autopia)

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