Cancer charity holding 'World's Biggest Coffee Morning' in Second Life

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At last, a reason to log back into Second Life that doesn’t involve getting spammed by a brand. UK charity Macmillan Cancer Support is holding what it says is the ‘World’s Largest Coffee Morning’ this Friday within the virtual world, at its new virtual cancer information centre.

It’s been created for Macmillan by Second Life creative firms New Business Horizons and Phoenix Film & Television. Visitors to the centre will be served virtual coffee all day, while giant coffee cups are being placed around the Second Life world to attract donations, with every donor getting a free virtual t-shirt by way of thanks.

Once all the cups have been washed up (or whatever the virtual equivalent is – deleted?), Macmillan’s centre will be a venue for people affected by cancer to visit and access a wealth of resources. If you’re a Second Lifer, you can zap to the centre by using the SLURL below.

Macmillan Cancer Information Centre in Second Life

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