The campaign to boot Tom out of MySpace

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tom-myspace.jpgAh, one of life’s enduring truths is that no matter what you do, your children will turn against you in the end. The traitorous little snakes. And new proof is provided by an online campaign to get rid of MySpace Tom in favour of… well, you.

That’s right: Tom who’s everybody’s first friend on MySpace is now seeing his friendliness thrown back in his face. A website called DropTom is inviting people to nominate themselves as Tom’s replacement, and is even prepared to stump up $1,000 to the winner (which should make up for MySpace telling them to get stuffed).

I’m telling you, it’s a terrible mistake. Tom was there for you when you first signed up for MySpace, and he’ll still be there for you when all your friends have fled to Facebook. Don’t kick internetweb sand into his loyal face. Please.

DropTom website (via Killer Startups)

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