Sponsored Post: Sony VAIO TZ11 notebook



Communication’s what you need if you want to be a record breaker in the business world. If you can’t respond instantly to crucial emails while sipping latte in a coffee shop or waiting for a plane in an airport business lounge, you’re in trouble.

Thankfully, the modern businessperson has plenty of means to stay in touch, thanks to Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile broadband. Sony’s TZ11 notebook is just the thing to keep you connected wherever you go, and keep your data safe and sound at the same time.

It’s lightweight for starters – at just 1.19kg, you won’t get arm-ache lugging it around. Meanwhile, its battery lasts for up to seven hours, ensuring you never run out of power before reaching the end of your coffee cup.

The built-in Motion Eye webcam will suit all your videoconferencing needs on the go, while its Intel Core 2 Duo CPU ensures it has the processing grunt to handle all the applications you’d want to run.

Finally, the TZ11 has fingerprint recognition and hardware encryption to keep your personal data locked down. Meaning? If left in your favourite business location after a lengthy meeting (i.e. The Pub), nobody can get their criminal mitts on your documents.

Sony TZ Series

Stuart Waterman
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