Sadly the OMFG magazine isn't dedicated to all your l337-speakin' needs :(


Not only do I love the smell of napalm in the morning, but I love the sight of some good quality l337-speak on teh internets when I first wake up, too. Why, my alarm clock wakes me with a specially-hacked Pure Pwnage quote obtained from a Jeremy l33tspeaker, recorded onto my iPod, and wakes me up on my iPod dock at 7.20 sharp every morn. Really, who doesn’t want to be woken to “Like, you can train a noob, but he’ll just be like a trained noob, like he won’t really be a uber pro like me”. Life mantra.

This Official Meeting Facilities Guide magazine is pleasing me to no end, as yes, when abbreviated, it turns into the ‘OMFG’ magazine. Someone please tell me that out there lies a ‘ROFLMAO’ magazine, or the Rightwing Official Foosball League Mistaken As Orangutans. Um…anyone know a good publishing house that I can sell my idea to? (via Geekologie)

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