BT converts txts into speech :)

Mobile phones

Some of the newer landline phones have texting capabilities, but if you’re still using the old faithful plastic phone from the pre-privatisation days that was already in the house when you moved in, you’ll have had to actually speak to someone in order to communicate.

Well actually, not any more you won’t. BT has launched a text service that will convert texts sent from mobiles into automated speech, delivering them into voice messages. Vodafone, T Mobile, BT Mobile and 3 customers can all send texts to landlines, while O2 should be introducing the service in the coming weeks. BT customers can send texts to mobile phones and other fixed lines already, and the text to speech service is also being licensed to Telewest and Kingston Communications.

The best thing about this service is that, apparently, smilie symbols are also somehow translated and turned into voice messages. Surely it can’t be long before all the kids are holding conversations littered with spoken smilies? The mind boggles. But if the service relies on people giving up their hideous txt spk ways, we’re all for it.

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