Parappa man puts his Musika on iPod


musika-ipod.jpgYou may not have heard of Masaya Matsuura, or his new iPod game Musika, but you’ve probably played one of his games – or one of many clones his insane-genius mind has inspired.

Matsuura is the curious brain behind Parappa The Rappa, one of PlayStation’s best and most original games. He also made cult smash Vib-Ribbon, in which a vector man ran along scenery based on whatever CD you had in your PlayStation at the time. But that’s not the subject of today’s lesson.

His new game, Musika, has just appeard on iTunes for download, with Masuura, like so many of Japan’s top game developers, giving up on the colossal, factory-based PS3/Xbox 360 scene and opting to try something simple and more creative.

The game bases its play on the sound of your music, with the simple, one-button controls ideal for a bit of ‘casual’ iPod play.

Via (Pocket Gamer)

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