Original Star Wars Arcade Machine – yours for £3,500


Many of us still harbour a bit of nostalgia for the arcade games of our childhood. Personally, I was seduced by Gauntlet and Toobin’, but for many it was the Star Wars Cockpit Arcade Game. And if you want to re-live that excitement, you can – for a price.

Yes, for £3,500 you can try to squeeze your expanded frame into the original enclosed cabinet and take part in those vintage wireframe battles that replicated the final scenes of the original movie. The original 1983 Atari unit will set you back £3,500. But if you want to get your money back, a coin mechanism can be fitted for a further £150.

Will it really be as good as you remember it? Probably not. But it will look great in the living room.

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Via Red Ferret Journal

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