Joel Johnson and Boing Boing launch Boing Boing Gadgets blog

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The whole tech ‘blogosphere’ is no doubt feeling a little unnerved today, as heavyweight tech journo Joel Johnson has just launched a brilliant new gadgets blog with ‘blogosphere’-ruling Boing Boing.

Boing Boing Gadgets is a sleek looking version of the web’s best-loved aggregator, Boing Boing, focussing just on electronics and all things gadgety. Scary news for other tech blogs such as ourselves, particularly when Joel has an already-impressive CV, being the former editor of Gizmodo and publishing his own lifestyle blog, Dethroner.

Joel’s already written an introduction up on the site, proclaiming that Boing Boing Gadgets seeks to sort the superior electronics from the tat, and has even mentioned his aspirational hopes for the consumer electronics industry. Definitely worth adding to your account, but just don’t forget about us here at Tech Digest sobs

Welcome back to the tech world Joel, we’ve missed you bucketloads!

Boing Boing Gadgets

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