Japanese researcher claims batteries dangerous. Oh, hai there, Sony!

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powerbatteries.jpg Someone get Gary, the Idiot Toys battery aficionado on the phone stat! We have some awful news about batteries that will probably render him useless to update his various sites for at least the next three days.

A Japanese researcher is claiming that lithium-ion batteries are dangerous, and not made well enough for the heavy-duty tasks they’re meant to perform. Masataka Wakihara, of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, is calling for a change in design. “Battery companies are still learning because the technology is young, but there is a fundamental flaw with the way lithium-ion batteries are currently designed and if the companies genuinely care about safety, they need to completely change their production methods. A lithium-ion battery is quite a dangerous little box of energy.”

A very sad day for battery fiends globally. Might I suggest a quick trip down to your nearest Costcutter to stare at the home brand batteries for a minimum time period of 17 minutes, to get over this immense travesty.

(via PC Pro, image via Idiot Toys)

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