Is Dell planning to make a Wi-Fi personal media player?

Personal video players

zing-logo.jpgDell has announced plans to acquire Zing, the technology company that makes the platform for SanDisk’s Sansa Connect wireless music player. The obvious conclusion is that Dell is planning its own Wi-Fi PMP.

The press release isn’t packed with details, mind: “In a move that reflects the renewed interest and energy being directed at its Consumer business, Dell plans to use ZING and its capabilities to continue improving the entertainment experiences it provides its customers.”

How? Well, Zing’s corporate blurb should provide a few ideas…

“In a world with Zing, you can listen, bookmark, and collect songs from live digital streams. Mix playlists from your CD and MP3 libraries with fresh content. Discover new entertainment and share playlists with friends. And get updates on what’s happening with your favorite artists. Zing brings you the joy of music discovery, simplifies how you collect and manage your playlists, and gives you the freedom to enjoy it all on the go. Imagine all this… all seamlessly integrated into one device that’s always on and ready to play.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Dell had moved into the player market – anyone remember the Dell DJ? However, as recently as last August, it was reported that Dell was abandoning plans to launch its own iPod rival. Either way, watch this space.

Dell Zing acquisition announcement

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