Have a pointless conversation with the BlogWarBot


robot_image.jpgChris Clarke, who runs the Creek Running North environmental blog, has developed an Internet argument bot called BlogWarBot.

When I first read this I thought that it might trawl the Net looking for blogs to start an argument on, but in fact it’s fairly tame and will only hurl abuse at you if you visit its site and start a conversation with it.

As you can see from the following interaction I had with it, it’s not particularly advanced, but anything to waste a bit of time on a Friday afternoon, eh?

BlogWarBot: I’m BlogWarBot. Are you one of those radical feminists?
Guest: No, I’m a man
BlogWarBot: Do you recognize the privilege involved in your calling yourself a man?
Guest: Yes
BlogWarBot: You seem awfully positive. Did you read Rand as a child?
Guest: No, I read Enid Blyton
BlogWarBot: Are you saying no just to be an asshole?
Guest: What’s it to you?
BlogWarBot: What are you, some kind of provocateur?
Guest: That’s right
BlogWarBot: I’m not sure I understand how you managed to log on successfully.
Guest: I stole someone’s password
BlogWarBot: So what does all of this have to do with the current mass extinction?
Guest: What mass extinction?
BlogWarBot: Why don’t you ask your Mom when she brings you milk and cookies down there in her basement?
Guest: I don’t live with my mom
BlogWarBot: Who are you again?
Guest: Andy
BlogWarBot: While I’m thinking of it: Are you registered to vote?
Guest: Yes
BlogWarBot: Perky, aren’t we?
Guest: Absolutely
BlogWarBot: Typical. An expression of ignorant privilege.
Guest: You’re funny
BlogWarBot: You keep using that word funny. I do not think it means what you think it means.
Guest: I’ve only used it once, and I know what it means
BlogWarBot: Why don’t you go read the FAQ?
Guest: Is there a FAQ?
BlogWarBot: That’s quite interesting. Go on… (zzzzzzz).
Guest: Goodbye
BlogWarBot: I’m really sick of this. Go away or be banned.

(Via New Scientist)

Andy Merrett
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