Viva Piñata to start growing Piñatas in Nintendo DS's gardens


vivapinatadsflipper-thumb7.jpg Viva Piñata is definitely one of those sandbox/life-sim games that our fellow Tech Digest editor Stuart refers to as AIQBNWWIEs, or ‘actually-i’m-quite-bored-now-when -will-it-end’ games. Not really suited to the Xbox 360’s stationary existence, the fact that it’s taken Microsoft and Rare this long to approach Nintendo about placing it on the DS platform is quite surprising.

Nonetheless, it’s happening, and happening soon. At the San Diego Comic Con, Rare, the developers behind the simulation game, let it slip that the DS version is going to be almost identical to the original 360 one, and is bound to be even more successful. Not too hard, when the sales charts weren’t particularly pleasing, especially for Rare, who took many years to create what is visually a very beautiful game. I’m looking forward to the DS version, as obviously sim games such as Viva Piñata work best when whiling away the hour to work and back each day, rather than sitting in your lounge having a hardcore gaming sesh.

(via WiiWii)

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