US Gamers primed for $100 PS3 price cut


ps3-price-cut.jpgLots of rumours swirling around the blogosphere today concerning a PS3 price cut, which is apparently set for the week beginning 15th July. The rumours came from a flyer allegedly from US retailer Circuit City, promising that the 60GB PS3 will have $100 knocked off its price, bringing it down to $499.

That’s the same price as the original 20GB version, which has since been taken off sale. Bet everyone who bought that is feeling a bit silly now. Anyway, the gossip states that Sony will officially announce the price cut at its E3 press conference next Wednesday.

However, don’t get your hopes up just yet. In a separate interview, Sony Japan Chairman Ryoji Chubachi said there are NO plans for a price cut in the near future. Let’s wait and see what happens on Wednesday.

(via DailyTech)

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