TurtleNet: Turtles test wireless network



Snapping turtles in Massachusetts are being used to test a new form of wireless network. They’re being fitted with tiny waterproof computers which will record the turtle’s movements and body temperature. The information is then conveyed to a base station which transmits the data to the University of Massachusetts. The idea behind the technology, known as TurtleNet, is to create a network of constantly moving devices that record and store information, transmit data from one device to another, then relay all the saved information to a central location while running on self-charging batteries. The information about the turtles will allow biologists to have a better understanding about turtle habitats which can help protect the species. Computer science and biology: two disciplines helping each other. (Don’t worry about the turtles: the machine is small enough to not interfere with their doings “or mating”.) [GT]

Turtles test wireless network

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