Take better camera phone photos by… reading a book?

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camphonebook.jpgIsn’t modern technology killing the traditional print book? I thought the only way you get The Kids to read nowadays is if you turn literature into text messages, then beam it to their Facebook account as a downloadable podcast. Something like that, anyway.

But there are ways that print and gadgetry can work together in perfect harmony. Check out this book, for example. It’s called ‘The Camera Phone Book: Secrets to Making Better Pictures’, and apparently tells you how to choose the best phone, take better pics with it, and store, print and send your images.

With phones now touting five-megapixel (and more) cameras, it’s not as ridiculous an idea as you might think to have a how-to book on taking camphone snaps. Now, will someone commission my idea for The Idiot’s Guide To Videoing Happy Slappings?

The Camera Phone Book

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Stuart Dredge
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