Turn your mobile phone into a holiday phrasebook

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You’ve seen them – Brits abroad, pointing and shouting loudly to order their egg and chips. In fact, you could be one of them. If you are, you might want to check out XS2TheWorld before your next trip to Benidorm.

It’s claimed to be the world’s first mobile phone application that turns your phone into a multilingual holiday or business phrasebook. There’s up to 300 phrases for each of the current seven languages supported, displaying each phonetically and fluently speaking them in the local language. The range of words is based around a number of activities from local customs, travel, doctors or emergencies to general conversations, flirting and fun.

In addition a city guide provides spoken directions to places of interest and places to hang-out. For a limited period the application can be downloaded for free by visiting www.xs2theworld.com. If you leave it until your next holiday, the price is likely to be £5 for the download.

XS2TheWorld website

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One thought on “Turn your mobile phone into a holiday phrasebook

  • Very handy to have this app.

    Looks better on my HTC then my Nokia. If i want to order something in a restaurant then just use my mobile for it.

    Unfortunately they don’t offer Berlin.

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