Searching for music? Just hum it


sandra.jpgThat woman there is Dr Sandra (copy and paste) Uitdenbogerd. Dr Uitde… Sandra is working on an audio-based search engine, that can identify music simply by you humming a bit of the tune.

In development for ten years, Dr Uitde… Sandra is nearly done, although she reckons it’ll still be three to four years before you’re able to phone a premium-rate line and be told you’ve just hummed Deeply Dippy by Right Said Fred.

A working prototype already lets users in Dr Uitde… Sandra’s lab search through a database of MIDI files, with the software simply converting your tuneless warble into a WAV file, then comparing this with everything on record.

Dr Uitde… Sandra’s dream is to pair this with iTunes, then let people hum into their computer/iPhone and download the results right away. The extra bit of the dream she doesn’t mention is her making a billion dollars from this by selling it to Apple/Google and retiring to a little island off the coast of Mexico.

Via (The Brisbane Times)

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