Philips launch seven-strong range of audio docking stations. Yes, they work with iPods

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Philips has gone into dock overload mode, as it prepares to launch seven docks that will provide “an extensive choice of how and when to connect and listen to devices”. Woot!

The range includes the compact AJ300D (pictured above) which is ideal for use in the bedroom (or anywhere you might fall asleep) as it features a dual wake-up alarm, in-built radio tuner, and iPod and Go Gear dock connection. It has five speakers using Philips’ wOOx technology that promises deep and powerful bass reproduction. Price £69.99.

Next up, the DCM230 has both an iPod / Go Gear dock, and USB Direct function that allows any other portable music player to be connected via USB. The two speakers each deliver 15W of power. Price £199.99.

A step up to the DC199, a stereo system with a docking station, digital radio tuner, and a built-in subwoofer containing a 4-inch driver offering improved bass and extended sound spectrum. The speakers feature metal drivers and neodynium magnets. Price £139.99

The MCM138D and MCM398D docking systems feature separate cradles for charging and playing back music from an iPod or Go Gear, and can play back MP3, WMA CD, and CD-RW files.

Both feature an integrated CD player, radio tuner, and LCD panel. The MCM138D has a 2x2W RMS amplifier with Dynamic Bass Boost, plus two separate bass-reflex 3.5-inch driven speakers for strong bass performance.

The MCM398D delivers 2x50W RMS performance via two-way bass reflex speakers with 4-inch woofer and Piezo tweeter.

Priced £89.99 and £139.99 respectively.

A more portable option is the AZ1330D which features a CD/radio, integral iPod dock, motorised CD loader, digital tuner with presets, remote control, and 2x4W RMS sound output with Dynamic Bass Boost. Priced £99.99.

Finally, the DC1000 can be claimed for free when the WAC7000 multi-room Wi-Fi audio system is purchased.

All are available this month.


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