Nimzy ProtoKey: padlocks your files and makes them invisible to others

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nimzy_protokey_usb_secure_stick.jpgWidget UK has come out with a USB device for the security-conscious PC users who wants to protect their files.

Though it looks like a fairly standard memory stick, it isn’t. Instead, it allows users to encrypt and hide the personal and sensitive data on their PC hard drive, and any external storage devices attached to it, so that it effectively becomes invisible, secure, and untraceable, to anyone else who uses that PC.

Whenever the Protokey is removed from the PC, it makes the files invisible. It will also secure data on external devices, so if they’re lost or stolen, at least you can be fairly confident that the data is inaccessible.

As an additional feature, the device can also be used to secure other people’s access to the Internet.

The device is fully plug and play, without complicated setup. It costs £39.99 and is available from Widget’s online store.

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