Microsoft collaborate with Fiat to produce 'Blue & Me' cars

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microcar.jpg News has reached our Microsoft-hungry ears – it’s been 24 hours since I’ve heard ‘Bill Gates’ mentioned, and it was far from pleasant, believe me – and it’s mighty pleasing. Even if it does involve Fiat.

Microsoft has announced that they’re partnering up with Fiat, who are launching a new range of 500s, being dubbed as ‘a technophiles dream car’. The in-car system will utilise a Windows mobile style navigational system, ‘Blue & Me’, (should be a Pixar film, no?), which will enable voice-activated buttons, Bluetooth connectivity and even USB ports to charge up that HTC Touch with Windows Mobile 6 we’re all a-carting these days. Well, wanting to.

Technophiles will have to wait, however, as there’s no plans to release them until 2010. The question begging to be asked is just what the heck happened to Ford Motors – does no-one remember the Microsoft keynotes speech at CES 2007 in which Bill Gates and Mark Fields, Executive Vice President of Ford Motors, announced a similar design, ‘Sink’?

Microsoft (via Shiny Shiny)

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  • Ford has already launched the Blue&Me system. It is called Sync and will be across the Ford range. Blue&Me is already available in the Fiat Grande Punto and the Bravo. The car will not be launched in the US until 2010, but I believe will be launched in Europe much earlier with the Blue&Me system on board

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