LG Prada KE850 touch-screen mobile phone to be revamped and lose Prada logo?

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pradaprada2.jpg Back in March this year I flew to Milan with LG to celebrate the launch of the LG Prada KE850 touch-screen mobile, and whilst chatting to a head honcho from the company, he let it slip that they were considering revamping the handset and even dropping the Prada affiliation, even before the launch of the first model.

Not particularly shocking, as I’m sure there’s plenty of gadget-loving fiends out there who lust after the KE850’s smooth curves and complete touch-screen experience, but don’t want to risk being mocked by their jeans-n-jumper wearing unfashionista friends down at their local boozer.

The new version has been rumoured to contain a much more superior camera (5-megapixels sound good?), with a flash and be able to capture macro still images and record 320×240 videos at a reported 4x speed of 120fps.

Dubbed the KU990, it should also allow text to be embedded in an XML file in addition to through separate photos, and – drumroll please – contain a HSDPA modem! This will prove very handy due to the custom YouTube interface all LG mobiles are due to be rolling out with shortly.

It’s still not known whether the KU990 will actually be Prada-branded or not, but my guesses are leaning towards the latter, as Yvan Juget, the Communications Manager for LG, who I spoke to back in March, was fairly positive they’d release a slightly more spec’d out version minus the fashion branding.

Hard to imagine this was a company best known for washing machines once!

LG Prada (via Electronista via Gizmodo)

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  • Indeed, LG used to be Goldstar, purveyor of very cheap and nasty crap such as £50 stereo systems and £75 VCRs. Now they are giving Sony and Samsung a run for their money in the innovation and design stakes.

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