LG 'Viewty' U990 confirmed as the Prada-less mobile with extra-spiffy specs

I’m quickly becoming obsessed with LG’s as-yet unreleased U990 mobile, with it having the aesthetics of the LG Prada, minus the Prada branding, and compensating by packing a huge amount of extra features for us less fashionable sorts who shop at Primark.

Susi got her hands on one last week, and even did a quick video review, with thanks to the network 3 (who’ll be selling the phone later this year), but we haven’t seen any proper photos of it yet – until now. It’s just been officially confirmed, and will be flying storewide by Autumn this year. Which, err, judging by the weather, should’ve been about three months ago…

LG Prada KE850 touch-screen mobile phone to be revamped and lose Prada logo?

pradaprada2.jpg Back in March this year I flew to Milan with LG to celebrate the launch of the LG Prada KE850 touch-screen mobile, and whilst chatting to a head honcho from the company, he let it slip that they were considering revamping the handset and even dropping the Prada affiliation, even before the launch of the first model.

Not particularly shocking, as I’m sure there’s plenty of gadget-loving fiends out there who lust after the KE850’s smooth curves and complete touch-screen experience, but don’t want to risk being mocked by their jeans-n-jumper wearing unfashionista friends…