Eubiq: put an outlet where you need it

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I hate cords. I trip over them all the time because I have to drag them across the room to attach them to the outlet. They’re ugly. Also, they give me Tourette’s Syndrome. Which is why I love Eubiq. Eubiq is a power track that allows you to move the plug anywhere along the maximum 3.6 meter track. You just pull the plug out and put it back in wherever you want and you can put in as many plugs as you need. The tracks are shielded and the plugs are grounded so you don’t have to worry about little ones shocking themselves. I saw a system like this at a local net cafe and was really impressed, though the plugs they had were a bit fragile. Terrific idea though. [GT]

Eubiq [viaCoolest Gadgets]

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