BTO plusdeck EX – convert your old tapes to digital files

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Remember the original plusdeck? It slipped into a spare 5.25-inch bay of your computer to convert your old tapes to something a bit more 2007. Well, it’s advanced a step further to the BTO plusdeck EX.

This time it just plugs into your PC via USB, converting your tapes to MP3, WAV or OGG digital audio files or offering you digital recording of AM/FM radio. And bizarrely, it’ll even copy your digital files to tape – should you ever have a mad nostalgic moment. It also has connectors to hook up a record deck and a remote to switch between listening to your computer, radio, tape or other connected audio device.

The plusdeck EX should be available later this Summer in Korea, then elsewhere soon after. The Korean price is the equivalent of £175.

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