Blu-ray film studios launch "Hollywood in Hi-Def" web site


bluray.jpgHigh definition disc formats may not be the most exciting news around, but that’s not stopped companies who support either HD DVD or Blu-ray doing what they can to push their format as the best choice for consumers.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (I think it’s all about home entertainment) have backed a new web site that aims to push Blu-ray as the best choice for watching movies.

It’s called Hollywood in Hi-Def.

Written by Scott Hettrick, a former editor of Video Business magazine – presumably now free to stand up for a particular format – it will feature his own blog, plus interviews with filmmakers as well as news and reviews about high definition (presumably with a Blu tint).

Interestingly, the site aims to appeal to all levels of consumer, from early adopters who may have already picked a ‘side’, to more mainstream consumers that haven’t invested in any high definition technology yet, and those who, mercifully, don’t even know there’s a disc format war.

Hettrick believes Blu-ray stands a much better chance of becoming successful than HD DVD.

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Hollywood in Hi-Def

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