Any wall's a cinema screen with Alien Tech's AL-100 TV projector

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alien_tech_al_100_tv_projector.jpgAnyone in the market for some high definition projection goodness can safely skip over this fairly budget affair from Alien Tech, a budget compact projector that will turn any wall into a cinema / TV screen.

Its 960 x 240 barely qualifies it to handle standard definition content, but it’s compact and self-contained, and can throw an optimum image just 80 inches from the wall.

It has built-in speakers, and connects up to video sources with standard RCA video inputs. It also has a mains adapter and a headphone jack. It also weighs just 1.5kg and is ruggedly protected with a tough outer casing.

Full specifications for the projector aren’t available yet, but it will cost around £149.99, availability to be confirmed.

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