projectiondesign M25 – world's smallest full HD DLP projector

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Heading our way in October is the projectiondesign M25 – claimed to be the world’s smallest full HD DLP projector.

As small as an A4 sheet of paper and built to last, the M25 offers Full-HD 1080p and 24 fps film support, with a refresh rates up to 120Hz. There’s also a brightness 1000 lumens or higher, contrast of 5000:1, internal 10-bit video processing, true 1080i to 1080p processing, HDMI 1.3a for deeper colour from Blu-Ray and HD DVD sources, second digital input (DVI HDCP), component and regular video inputs and colour options of metallic black, pearl white, maranello blue.

No price confirmed as yet, but it is expected to be around the £5,000 mark.

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