Sanyo PLC-XL50 LCD Projector works well near walls


sanyo-pcx-xl50.jpgNot everyone’s got a spare room the size of an aircraft hangar solely for watching TV in – which is why Sanyo’s come up with the PLC-XL50 LCD Projector.

The PLC-XL50 has the projector world’s shortest throw distance, meaning you can put it nearer your target wall or screen and still get a nicely focused image.

Incredibly, the XL50 can project an 80-inch image on a wall from only three inches away, thanks to Sanyo’s new optical engine and lens, making it ideal for small offices and classrooms.

Spec-wise it’s OK but hardly next-gen HD – its max resolution is 1024 x 768, it can only handle 4:3 aspect ratio images, plus the two watt mono speaker isn’t going to cope with much more than the odd Windows alert sound.

VGA and component inputs at least let you hook it up as an HD display if you want to have a very impressive PC monitor, plus there are composite and s-video sockets for last-gen tech users who only upgrade things when they break, not when told to by their tech-obsessed peers.

Sanyo LCD

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