Wii gets WiiWare: finally some original downloadable games


wii-hardware-shot.jpgFor all its marvellous traits, Nintendo’s Wii console is lacking in one fairly important area: original downloadable games.

Xbox 360’s Live Arcade has loads, and PS3’s PlayStation Network is rolling out a number of original titles too. But Nintendo’s Virtual Console has stuck to its rigid policy of only selling old retro games, rather than new titles.

Not for much longer though. Nintendo is reportedly announcing WiiWare, which will let developers large and small create games for Wii, and sell them through the console’s Wii Shop channel.

Assuming these games are given full access to the Wiimote controller and Mii avatars, we could see some super-innovative ideas coming through WiiWare, to back up the full-price boxed game releases for Nintendo’s console.

(via WiiWii)

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