A portable LCD screen for Wii owners with 20/20 vision


wii-lcd-screen.jpgNot entirely sure it’d be possible to play Wii on something this small, but Japanese bit-maker Century reckons enough people out there have the eyesight good enough to use it.

The portable Wii LCD screen clips onto your Wii and comes with its own miniature sensor bar. It gives you seven inches of viewing space and currently costs around $120 to import. Plus postage. And import tax if they catch you.

It folds down nicely, turning your Wii into a big DS Lite when not in use. That’s about the only advantage we can see to it, and even that novelty would wear off after ten minutes. At least get something you can stand up in front of if you need a new gaming telly – hunching up over this playing Wii Tennis isn’t really going to feel right.

Via (Wii Wii)

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Gary Cutlack
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