This week's hottest HDTV stories: HD DVD v Blu-ray, JVC's 110-inch telly, Beijing Olympics and more…



Got an HD-ready telly? Planning to get one when your next bonus comes through? Just interested in HD stuff so you can weep out of sheer envy? You’ll be wanting our sister blog HDTV UK then. Here’s their top ten stories this week.

Toshiba announce lower sales forecast for sales of HD DVD drives
HD DVD Promotions Group claims hardware outselling Blu-ray
Sony see sevenfold increase in global Blu-ray adoption: dismiss HD DVD claims
JVC reveal monster 110-inch rear projection HDTV
Beijing Olympics to attract four billion viewers: big HD setup
Intel to bring high definition support to Centrino chip
Microsoft predicts high definition optical discs obsolete in five years
Samsung introduce 70-inch LED-backlit LCD with local dimming technology
Toshiba to intro RD-A300 and RD-A600 DVRs with HD DVD
Pulse Technology launch XtremeHD 4-port HDMI switcher

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