The week's hottest Xbox 360 stories: Price cut, Halo 3, Shadowrun and more…



Amid all the blather about PS3 and Wii, people often forget that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console is continuing to fire on all cylinders, particularly when it comes to online and downloadable gaming. Our sister blog Xboxer keeps track of it all – here’s their ten top stories this week:

Microsoft denies talk of price reduction for Xbox 360
Halo 3 Beta – 1400 Years of Gameplay!
Microsoft declines to comment directly on new Xbox 360 heat sinks
Shadowrun Xbox 360 and PC video review
Beautiful Katamari an Xbox 360 exclusive?
Speedball 2 slams its way onto Xbox Live
Xbox 360 and PS3 specs too high, says Square Enix boss
New MMO from Bioware in 2009
Master Chief – The alcoholic
Infinity Ward head criticises sandbox gameplay and destructible environments

Stuart Dredge
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