Pretend Martians wanted: must be short, non-smoker



Are you interested in experiencing isolation, confinement, close quarters, lack of privacy, high workload, repetitive food, and limited communication with the outside world? Are you highly motivated, a non-smoker, not in jail, shorter than 185cm, physically and psychologically fit, and a fluent speaker of English or Russian (preferably both)? The Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow seeks volunteers to pretend they are living on Mars for 520 days, on behalf of the European Space Agency. It includes 250 days to ‘reach Mars’, 30 days ‘on Mars’ and 240 days to ‘return to Earth’. Compensation is “in line with international standards for participation in clinical studies.” Serious inquiries only. [GT]

Volunteers wanted for trip to ‘Mars’

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Gabrielle Taylor
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