Motorola launches M-Lab – the "role-playing theme park for kids"


motorola-m-lab.jpgThe Motorola M-Lab is designed to make learning fun. Good luck with that.

The new American educational theme park concentrates on showing kids what it’s like to work in a career like fireman, doctor or aeroplane pilot, dumping kids in the role of “M-Ventor” and challenging them to help solve problems using technology and teamwork.

Of course that’s going to be fun! Try telling kids that what their future really holds is 40 years in a mobile phone shop or office, then watch their little faces fall.

To put it in the words of Motorola “The M-Lab was designed to imitate a real-world innovation cycle which involves hypothesis generation, testing, feedback interpretation, reformulation, and teamwork to achieve a desired outcome”.

Motorola M-Lab

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